Do You Support Sustainable Development in Dentistry?

DRNA is proud to launch our Sustainable Development in Dentistry certification program, which will celebrate those dental practitioners who believe in Sustainable Development and follow the regulations supporting it.

What is Sustainable Development?

Our Sustainable Development Program is designed to support and recognize dentists and their practices that are engaging in activities that support the greater mission of sustainable waste recycling within the industry.

Why Does DRNA Support Sustainable Development?

Human health, ultimately, hinges on the health of our environment. We are committed to the overall mission of the program.

On a global scale, we are committed to enhancing human health and safety worldwide by upholding the requirements and guidelines presented by the Minamata Convention, which calls for the eventual phase-out or reduction of mercury used in dental amalgam, along with strategies for safer storage and disposal.

“SDI is committed to ongoing sustainability and environmentally responsible practices and this initiative provides dental offices with a terrific opportunity to access and utilize DRNA’s leading sustainable solutions, whilst providing SDI with the opportunity to promote, educate and raise sustainability awareness directly with our North American customers.”

– Adrian Atyimas, Sales Manager, SDI (NORTH AMERICA) INC.

Why Should You Apply to Our Program?

In addition to the spirit of sustainability, applying to our program comes with some specific perks and benefits, such as the following:

  • Certificate of Sustainable Development in Dentistry to Display in Your Office
  • Sustainable Development Badge to display on the homepage of your website, or wherever else you showcase your achievements and certifications
  • Recognition of your certification on the DRNA website, including a link to your website
  • Professionally written press release for your marketing efforts, which will promote your commitment to Sustainable Development and announce your acceptance into DRNA’s Sustainable Development in Dentistry Program

How Do You Qualify?

Qualifying for DRNA’s Sustainable Development in Dentistry certification is easy, provided your practice can check the following boxes:

  • Properly dispose of medical wastes/sharps
  • Recycle chairside amalgam waste
  • Ensure amalgam separator is in place
  • Implement and uphold OSHA’s compliance program

Missing one of those boxes? We can help!

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Ready to Join the Movement?

We love supporting dental practices that go above and beyond to follow Sustainable Development guidelines and requirements. Together we can make a difference in our communities and industry!

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