DRNA is your complete recycling/compliance solution company,

and we are proud to provide our customers with peace of mind, through our Automatic Chairside Amalgam Bucket Compliance Program!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How often should I replace my amalgam buckets?
In order to remain in clear compliance with the EPA regulations and suggestions, DRNA suggests replacing your Chairside Amalgam Buckets every 12 months.

How do I get a new bucket replacement?
DRNA makes this easy with our Bucket Compliance Program. We’ll automatically ship your office a new bucket every year so that you remain fully compliant. As soon as you receive your new amalgam bucket, simply reach out to our office to get your shipping label and call UPS to have the amalgam bucket picked up and we’ll take care of the proper recycling for you.

Is there some sort of certificate of proof that I am recycling this properly and being compliant?
Of course! DRNA provides all it’s amalgam bucket customers with a Compliance Certificate each year with their amalgam bucket order.

What should I use the amalgam bucket for? What waste should go inside the amalgam bucket?
Great question! Check out the video or graphic on this page, or the list below. Your amalgam waste bucket should be used for the following:

  1. Evac-u-Traps
  2. Chairside Traps
  3. Extracted Teeth with Amalgam
  4. Amalgam Capsules


DRNA provides all our amalgam bucket customers with the peace of mind that they are full compliant by:

DRNA Bucket
Compliance Program

  • Automatic shipment of a Chairside Amalgam Bucket Every Year
  • Your Annual Proof of Compliance Certificate
  • Proper Recycling of Your Used Buckets Annually
  • Support if you have any questions as to what should be placed inside your bucket

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started with DRNA’s Amalgam Bucket Compliance Program couldn’t be simpler.

  1. Order (or reorder) your Chairside Amalgam Bucket
  2. Display Your Compliance Certificate
  3. Use your Chairside Amalgam Bucket as Directed
  4. Set it and Forget it! In 12 Months We’ll Send Your New Bucket and Compliance Certificate
Any questions? Contact our Customer Support team today! customerservice@drna.com or by calling (800) 360-1001.