Our Vision

At DRNA, we believe in our cutting-edge, yet cost-effective solutions delivered directly to dentists. We look forward to putting money back in the pockets of dentists, like you, while providing you with quality compliance products at the lowest possible cost.

On a global scale, we are committed to enhancing human health and safety worldwide by upholding the requirements and guidelines presented by the Minamata Convention.

DRNA is delighted to present the exciting new venture that we launched in support of dental initiatives outside of the US market. Dental Recycling International, Inc. (DRI) was founded to further new international opportunities outlined by the Minamata Convention.

What is the Minamata Convention?

The Minamata Convention on Mercury targets those human activities responsible for mercury pollution worldwide.

In the 1950s, Minimata, a city located in Japan, suffered a critical issue of mercury poisoning that lasted for decades, following the discharge of industrial wastewater into Minamata Bay from a chemical manufacturer. The resulting bioaccumulation of mercury in the bay’s fish and shellfish resulted in severe illness in anyone who had consumed them. In some cases, the illness proved fatal or resulted in severe disabilities.

The United States signed the Minamata Convention on Mercury in 2013.

Why is Mercury Pollution a Global Issue?

Despite efforts here in the United States to minimize mercury emissions, global awareness and action are required for effective remediation. Unfortunately, mercury travels via air and water and can actually move thousands of miles as a pollutant. Some research asserts that global sources account for approximately 70% of mercury found in the United States.

Minamata Convention Requirements

With respect to the dental industry, the Minamata Convention calls for the eventual phase-out or reduction of mercury used in dental amalgam, along with strategies for safer storage and disposal.

For a complete list of requirements, click here.

What is DRI?

The first of these global efforts is a pilot project developed by United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), to install amalgam separators in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

The second part of this pilot project is to oversee that the collected wastes are disposed of in an environmentally sound manner. In addition to providing technology and recycling for this pilot project in Africa, DRI will avail itself of all the experience of DRNA in the US market to bring the best in waste management practices to those serving in both public and private sector dental clinics around the globe.

Interested in Becoming a Distributor?

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