Frequently Asked Questions

Our team welcomes every chance to answer your questions directly and would love to have a conversation with you about how our products and services represent the cost-effective solutions your dental practice needs. Of course, we know you’re busy, too, and a quick FAQ page can go a long way to providing the reference material you need to fast answers to your questions.

The following reflects the most commonly asked questions our team answers on a regular basis:

Why are your prices so much less than the name brand?

Simply put – we cut out the middleman and deliver our solutions directly to you, the dentist. Between not paying for a big brand name and eliminating the extra step between supplier and recipient, our customers enjoy serious cost savings.

Do you recycle your amalgam waste in the United States?

Yes! All of the amalgam waste we collect from our customers is recycled at an EPA-approved recycling facility here in the United States.

Do your products really work?

Yes! We absolutely stand by our products. And so do approximately 80,000 dentists, representing dental associations and dental insurance companies who endorse us. Of course, we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Check out our testimonials to see what some of our current customers have to say.

Do your Generic Amalgam Separator Cartridges really work with my Solmetex®** unit?

Absolutely! DRNA’s amalgam separators satisfy all local, state, and federal regulations for amalgam disposal and recycling. Furthermore, they are tested to ISO 11143:2008 standard. You can replace your Solmetex®** Hg5®** (Legacy)** Amalgam Separator Cartridge with our generic cartridge. Or you can replace your Solmetex® NXT** Amalgam Separator Cartridge with our generic cartridge.

Can I use your products as a DSO?

Yes! Many of our customers are DSOs, who are adept at delivering our solutions to dental practices across the country.

Why should I use your products over the name brand?

By opting for DRNA’s products, you will access cost-effective solutions that support compliance and perform as well as the more costly, big name brands. Best of all, our products are delivered directly to you, which also supports affordability by eliminating the middleman. Why pay more for a big brand name when you can save money and keep compliant in the process?

How often do I need to replace my amalgam cartridge?

We recommend replacing your amalgam cartridge as soon as the sediment reaches the fill line or once every year, whichever occurs sooner.